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author-photo-jpg-cmyk-1John R. Frazier J.D., LL.M., MBA is an experienced Medicaid planning attorney
who has helped well over two thousand clients, just like you, with their most pressing legal issues. He understands the problems facing seniors today and he also knows how to use the current laws to help solve these issues. Based in Largo, Florida, Attorney Frazier can help you.

If you’re like many families faced with elder care and Medicaid issues, you feel as though you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You probably can’t afford up to $100,000 a year for you or your loved one to live in a nursing home or an assisted living facility.

Yet Medicaid has determined – you or the family thinks – that your loved one has too many assets or too much income to qualify for this much-needed assistance.

That’s where Mr. Frazier comes in. His familiarity with elder law allows him to help you and your family determine how to (legally) get your loved one within the income and asset guidelines set up by Medicaid.

He has completed over 2,000 Medicaid cases and helped seniors get the much needed financial assistance from Medicaid that they need in order to live in a quality assisted living facility or long-term care facility.

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Medicaid Planning Book and Other Free Publications:

To help seniors and their families with Medicaid Planning, Mr. Frazier authored the book, Protecting Your Family’s Assets in Florida: How to Legally Use Medicaid to Pay for Nursing Home and Assisted Living Care.

This comprehensive guide shows senior Floridians and their families how to obtain the financial assistance they need from Florida Medicaid in order to live at a nursing home or assisted living facility – without spending the family assets – through strategies used in the practice of elder law.

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  • Know what options are available to you even if the senior has substantial assists and income.

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How Else Can Our Elder Law/Medicaid Planning Attorney Help?

In addition to Medicaid planning, Mr. Frazier also has the knowledge and experience in other areas that affect seniors and people with special needs including:

  • Estate planning
  • Veterans benefits
  • Probate and trust law
  • Tax law

Don’t let the costs of elder care wipe out in months what it took a lifetime to save.

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