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Have you or a family member been told they need to go into an assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility (also often called a nursing home) immediately or are now in an assisted living facility or skilled nursing facility it is likely you can benefit from talking with me.

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John R. Frazier J.D., LL.M., MBA is a particularly experienced Medicaid planning attorney who has helped over 3,500 clients obtain coverage from Medicaid for their assisted living or skilled nursing facility (also often called a nursing home) stay who are just like you.

Maybe you are not faced with immediate nursing home placement. Maybe you need to go into an assisted living facility now.  Maybe you have assets over $250,000. Maybe you want to “pre-plan” for the future so your assets are legally structured to allow for qualifying for Medicaid coverage if/when needed in the future thus assuring your legacy to your family.

Attorney Frazier understands the problems facing seniors today and he knows how to use the current laws to help solve these issues. Based in Largo, Florida, Attorney Frazier can help you. With almost half of our clients to date, we have worked with them remotely without them ever coming to our office.

If you’re like many families faced with moving into an assisted living facility or placement in a skilled nursing facility (also often called a nursing home) you may feel as though you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. You probably can’t afford up to $100,000 per year for you or your loved one to live in a skilled nursing facility or $50,000 (or more) a year for an assisted living facility. If you or your loved one is going to be placed in an assisted living facility (ALF) unfortunately, the waiting list for ALF Medicaid coverage is so long it is maybe unobtainable. That said, an experienced elder law attorney knows a legal way to avoid or bypass the Medicaid assisted living waitlist in many cases. Almost certainly, you do not want to use your life savings on an ALF or nursing home with nothing left for your family. Thus going broke from the costs.

Yet Medicaid has determined

you or the family thinks that your loved one has too many assets or too much income to qualify for this much-needed assistance.

That’s where Attorney Frazier comes in.

His familiarity with elder law and over 3,500 successful Medicaid planning cases allow him to help you and your family determine how to (legally) get your loved one within the income and asset guidelines set up by Medicaid.

He has completed over 3,500 Medicaid cases

and helped seniors get the much needed financial assistance from Medicaid that they need in order to live in a quality assisted living facility or long-term care facility.

Get Free Resources to Help You Now

Learn more about Medicaid Planning and other legal issues in Elder Law, VA Benefits, Estate Planning and Tax Law by clicking now  to take you to the free resources section of the site before you go.

Medicaid Planning Book and Other Free Publications:


The most essential legal document every senior needs is a Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA).  Not just a Power of Attorney (POA). It also needs to be one that has been prepared by an attorney after October 1, 2011 when the law changed significantly. Learn more about this essential document for seniors, why it is essential and if yours fits current law by clicking the link below now for this eBooklet guide.

The importance of a Properly Drafted Durable Power of Attorney for Florida Medicaid Planning and Veterans Benefits Planning.


To help seniors and their families with Medicaid Planning, Mr. Frazier authored the book,
Protecting Your Family’s Assets in Florida: How to Legally Use Medicaid to Pay for Nursing Home and Assisted Living Care.

This comprehensive guide shows senior Floridians and their families how to obtain the financial assistance they need from Florida Medicaid in order to live at a nursing home or assisted living facility – without spending the family assets – through strategies used in the practice of elder law.

Receive this free eBook all about the Florida Medicaid Program:

  • Discover how Medicaid assistance for long-term care works

  • Understand the rules surrounding qualification for this program

  • Know what options are available to you even if the senior has substantial assists and income.

Free eBook on Protecting Your Family’s Assets from the Unlicensed Practice of Law:

The Unlicensed Practice of Law (UPL) in Medicaid Planning is a significantly growing problem. So much so, that both the Florida Bar and the Supreme Court of Florida have taken action regarding this area of concern.

This book was written by Attorney Frazier and two other Florida elder law lawyers to help you avoid some of the dangers in Medicaid Planning. You will find in this book and more:

  • The dangers to both the nursing home – and their residents – from working with unlicensed, unregulated, uninsured, and untrained non-attorney Medicaid Planners.

  • Nursing home referral liability.

  • Who regulates non-attorney Medicaid Planners in Florida.

  • Financial exploitation of the elderly

  • Note: Your desktop, laptop, or other devices may require an “epub application” to open this ebook.  If that is the case a free e-publication reader is available here:

Free eBook on Florida Elder Law, Medicaid Planning and Estate Planning:

Too often, seniors and their families struggle with planning for eldercare. Many are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information available, both online and in print. This book serves as a starting point to help you understand what is involved to legally protect assets, life savings, your spouse, and your future as you age-and to pass your legacy on to your loved ones. This book was written by attorneys John Frazier and Joseph F. Pippen, Jr to help you deal with some of the legal issues common to senior citizens today.


On his “Ask an Attorney” radio program, Attorney Joseph Pippen interviews Attorney Frazier about Medicaid Planning Issues:

The Most Commonly Used Medicaid Planning Strategies

Medicaid Planning for Assisted Living versus Nursing Home Care

Understanding the Medicaid Five-Year Look Back Rule

How To Apply for Medicaid in Florida

Four Trusts commonly Used in Florida

How Florida Medicaid Treats Retirement Accounts

We also have our other free audio, video and eBooks for you
in our free resources section of the website or you can click on the links below to go directly to those now:

How Else Can Our Elder Law/Medicaid Planning Attorney Help?

In addition to Medicaid planning, Mr. Frazier also has the knowledge and experience in other areas that affect seniors and people with special needs including:

  • Estate planning
  • Veterans benefits
  • Probate and trust law
  • Tax law

Don’t let the costs of eldercare wipe out in months what it took a lifetime to save.

Take the next step. Discover the types of
families and seniors we work with and see how we can serve you.  You don’t have to live in Pinellas County or Largo, Florida for Attorney Frazier to be able to help you.

Please take advantage of the many
free elder law resources we offer.

Are you worried about costs? Read more about my sliding scale fees that are the clearest, fairest you will likely find.

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