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Elder Law Attorney: Estate Planning, Medicaid Planning, Probate & Trust, or Business Law For You

Finding an experienced elder law attorney for dealing with the issues of seniors is what most people who contact our practice need. They are seniors, veterans, or their close family members. Not all of course, since some of our clients are younger and need estate planning, probate, tax or business law advice that has little or nothing to do with elder law.

Those seeking elder law help are often people who are stressed and anxious about the need to pay for assisted living or nursing home care. They are hoping Florida Medicaid or the VA are a solution.

Typically, our clients truly need these financial benefits, even if they appear to the layperson to have too many assets or too much income to qualify. However an elder law attorney can see it differently.

Some have already taken the initiative to apply, but were denied, and aren’t sure what they can do to become eligible for these benefits. They often need help discovering their options and formulating the most appropriate plan.

Do any of these situations sound familiar to you?

You need an elder law attorney to help you set up your assets, so you can get help from Florida Medicaid to pay for assisted living or nursing home expenses. Although you may desperately need this care, you may not be able to afford the up to $70,000 a year it will cost to live at a quality facility.

You need help claiming or receiving your veterans benefits for assisted living or nursing home care, or even benefits for injuries that you received or that were aggravated by your wartime service to this country. An elder law attorney may make a difference for you.

You are the widow of a veteran and need help claiming the benefits you are owed. You may need help paying for your spouse’s funeral expenses, or you may just need monthly supplemental income to replace what your spouse was contributing financially. Maybe now you need assisted living or nursing home care and need coverage from the VA that an elder law attorney can help you with.

You need an experienced attorney who knows probate and trust laws to help you protect your assets. Your estate may be vulnerable to claims from creditors or you may just want to help avoid any infighting among your family, after your death.

You want to minimize taxes paid to the IRS from your estate. You know that there will be hefty taxes on your large estate and you would like to keep them to a minimum, so you can leave more for your family.

You have a relative who recently passed away whose assets are tied up in probate. You need an experienced probate attorney to help you recover what was intended for you, or you just need an attorney to help you get the estate through the probate process.

You need help creating legal forms and documents for your business. You want to make sure you do it right and that everything is properly documented, just in case you run into legal trouble in the future. You need a Florida attorney to help you sort things out and set things up.

If any of these situations ‘hit home’ for you, then you may benefit from the services of an experienced Florida attorney. Please read on to find out what we can do for clients in your situation.

Our clients are usually people who fit into the following categories:

Now that you have had a chance to find out if you will benefit from the services of an experienced elder law attorney, please visit our How We Work page to learn more about our process.

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