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Estate Planning Services

Estate planning is an essential component of asset protection. Your estate is everything that you have worked hard for throughout your life and it is what you will leave behind to pass on to your loved ones.

You can make sure that your life’s accumulation of assets and wealth is not at the mercy of the probate court (with the court/attorney fees associated with that process) that will distribute your estate according to Florida probate law, by specifying who should receive what. You might even decide to give some of your assets to your heirs before you depart (potentially minimizing taxes and enjoying the giving of it to them).

There are advantages and drawbacks to each asset protection option; therefore, it is essential that you sit down with an experienced attorney who can explain your options to you, in a way that is easy for you to understand, and help you decide which solutions are best for your situation.

Estate planning is about peace of mind

Whether you have a small estate or a large one, planning your estate can save your already grief-stricken loved ones from wasted time, stress, money and possible infighting upon your passing.

We help our clients protect their assets now, by creating a last will and testament, appointing an attorney-in-fact, and setting up trusts. Most people who come to us for help with estate planning have legal questions about the process.

Our clients in this area range from middle class seniors to those who have large assets, valuable investments, and a hefty savings to protect.

Our goal is to help our clients transfer ownership of their estate to their heirs upon their passing, while reducing estate taxes, streamlining the probate process, or even avoiding probate court altogether.

Now that you have had a chance to discover how we can help you, it is time for you to take the next step by contacting our office for your free estate planning consultation.

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