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This Florida attorney site map gives you direct links to every page on the website.

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Who We Work With
– Detailed description of the types of clients that we serve. See if you fit any of the profiles of who we can really get the best result for in our work.

How We Work
– Find out how we work to deliver results for you, what some of our guiding beliefs are and what it will be like working with us.

– Learn about our firm and Attorney John Frazier.

Contact Us
– Request your free, no obligation initial consultation. Learn how the consultation will go and how we make sure you can get your questions answered when you are with Attorney Frazier.

Privacy Policy – Know what we will and will not do with the information that you provide to us.

Media – Media information for Elder Law Attorney John Frazier, author of Protecting Your Family’s Assets In Florida:

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Florida Supreme Court – UPL Advisory Opinion
Awards & Honors – Given to John R. Frazier
Free Resources – Book a complimentary consultation  with Attorney Frazier on elder law, Medicaid planning, estate planning, probate & trust, tax law or business law. Download the first chapter of Protecting Your Family’s Assets in Florida. Get valuable information by reading our free articles.

Florida Medicaid News & Medicaid Planning Articles

Free Article Index – Find articles about topics in the practice areas of elder law, Medicaid planning, estate planning, probate & trust, tax law or business law.

Protecting Your Family’s Assets in Florida
Now in its 2nd Edition, this helpful, practical book by Attorney John R. Frazier explains how to legally use the Florida Medicaid Program to protect your family’s assets from the costs of nursing home care.

Assisted Living Medicaid Waitlist – Help for Pinellas FL Seniors

Learn what it takes from a legal perspective to avoid or bypass the assisted living Medicaid waitlist in many cases.

The Cost of Remaining Silent about the Unlicensed Practice of Law
The Unlicensed Practice of Law is alive and kicking in Florida. To unsuspecting seniors, this can be devastating. Find out what you can do to help put an end to UPL.

Nursing Home Planning With Florida Elder Law Attorney John R. Frazier
Learn how and why seniors must look to the Medicaid program to pay for the costs of assisted living and nursing home care.

Medicaid Asset Protection (even if you think you have “too many” assets)
Largo Attorney John Frazier explains how Florida seniors can protect their estate with a plan for qualifying for Medicaid benefits.

Pinellas Medicaid Planning Attorney Explains Common Medicaid Misunderstandings – Misunderstandings about qualifying for Medicaid can rob you of benefits and deplete your assets. See how to use Florida Medicaid for nursing home care with a plan for asset protection.

Medicaid Benefits in Florida: What You Should Know – Information on the benefits offered through the Florida Medicaid program.

Florida Medicaid Eligibility: Who Meets the Requirements? – Find out more about who qualifies for this important assistance program.

Florida Medicaid Application: What to Expect When You File – Find out what to expect during and after the Florida Medicaid application process.

Florida Medicaid Formulary: How Changes Can Affect You – Read about the recent changes made to the Formulary.

Elder Law Articles

Largo Nursing Home Planning – Important information about how to legally prepare for and pay for nursing home expenses without losing your hard-earned assets.

Elder Law Answers To Common Questions – Elder law answers many questions that plague senior citizens. Elder law is basically defined as a type of legal practice which deals with issues affecting senior citizens.

Elder Law In Florida – What You Need To Know Now – This Elder law in Florida article will give you information on Florida elder law, give you more links for free information and offer a free consult with Florida elder law attorney.

Estate Planning Articles

Estate Planning and Trusts: What You Should Know – Learn more about trusts and why they are important during the estate planning process.

Estate Planning Law Firm: Helping to Protect Your Estate from Unexpected Claims – Find out how utilizing an experienced estate planning law firm can help you protect your assets.

Asset Protection: Planning Your Estate – This Florida attorney site map link will allow you to find out how you can protect you assets through estate planning.

Florida Wills and Trusts ? Why Do It Yourself Estate Planning is Risky Business
Timely information about the pitfalls of do-it-yourself estate planning. Wills and trusts are only as good as the people who create them.

Probate & Trust Law Articles

Florida Probate Law & Asset Disbursement – Find out how the probate process works and how assets are distributed.

Florida Probate Rules: How Have They Changed? – Find out what changes have been made since Feb. 1, 2007.

Tax Law Articles

Estate Tax Planning: Tax Law Basics – Find out what the four main components of successful tax planning are.

Business Law Articles

Business and Finance Law: An Introduction for Small Business Owners – Why business and finance laws should be important to a new business owner.

Business Employment Law: What Every Small Business Owner Should Know – Learn what business employment law is and what types of situations it encompasses.

Veterans Benefit Law Articles

Veteran’s Death Benefits: Burial & Other Financial Help from the VA – Get a list of available benefits including coverage for assisted living or nursing home care and find out who may be entitled to receive them.

Veterans’ Widows’ Benefits: How They Can Help You – Find out what they include and how they can help you financially.
Self Help and Motivation

How I Lost 130 Pounds – When weight loss is something you want, it is certainly achievable. It is my hope that the information presented here will help put you on the road to healthy weight loss for life.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas – A summary of and links to the services we offer:

Elder Law – We can help with elder law issues, like elder abuse and neglect or age discrimination and finding coverage for assisted living or nursing home care.

Medicaid Planning – Let us help you qualify for Medicaid, even if you think you have too many assets or too much income.

Estate Planning – Let us help you set up your assets in order to limit negative consequences after your death.

Probate & Trust Law – Let us help you set up various types of trusts in order to protect your assets.

Tax Law – Let us help you with any taxation issues, from estate taxes to business taxes.

Business Law – Let us help you avoid the legal and financial issues that often plague new and established businesses.

Veteran’s Benefit Law – We help veterans and their families receive the financial assistance payments that they need to stay on their feet and cover expensive assisted living or nursing home care.

Florida Medicaid Books – authored by Medicaid planning attorney John R. Frazier

Case Studies
– Get a sense of how people like you were in difficult circumstances, what we did for them and how those solutions made a difference for them.

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