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Florida Attorney Practice Areas

As a Florida attorney, let’s discuss the practice areas I have training and experience working in, and how they can benefit you.

If you want to know more details about a specific practice area, just click on the name of that practice area for complete information.

Elder Law – This practice area is a broad one that can include help in finding funding for assisted living and nursing home care, conservatorships, elder abuse and neglect, age discrimination, retirement and finance issues affecting seniors, plus major elements of all of the remaining six practice areas listed below.

Medicaid Planning – Helps you qualify for Florida Medicaid, to help pay for costly nursing home, assisted living or long-term care expenses, even if you have been denied before or think that you may have too many assets or too much income to qualify. There are ways to legally move your assets from the ‘non-exempt’ column to the ‘exempt’ column with the help of an experienced Florida attorney.

Estate Planning – This practice area is not just for seniors. It can help you set up your assets to limit negative consequences after your death. Some situations that estate planning may help with include: eliminates infighting between family members over your assets, reduces estate taxes, streamlines or minimizes the need for the probate process, reduces or eliminates claims from unpaid creditors, and allows you to have full control over where your assets go.

Probate & Trust Law – Helps you set up various types of trusts to protect your assets. There are many types of trusts to choose from, but not every type will be right for you. An experienced attorney can determine which trusts are best depending on your circumstance, goals, and needs. Naturally, if some or all of your assets need to go through the probate process, a Florida attorney can represent you through that process.

Tax Law – You don’t have to be a senior to need this help. This practice area helps you with any issues regarding taxation. Whether you are an individual or a business owner, you will likely encounter Florida or federal tax problems and issues that need the type of solutions that only an experienced Florida attorney can provide. Seniors, in particular, can experience new tax issues that they have never faced before, especially when it comes to their estate.

Business Law – Another practice area that is not just for seniors. This one helps you with the types of issues that often plague new businesses or were overlooked in an established business. Important issues within this area include: corporate structure issues, business employment law, business finance law, and business tax law. All of these topics are likely foreign to those who are starting their first business and require a Florida attorney who knows Florida law.

Veterans Benefit Law – Usually for seniors, but not always, this practice area helps veterans and their families receive the financial assistance payments that they need to stay on their feet. It also can pay for assisted living or nursing home care for the veteran or their spouse. For widows, I may be able to help you collect the veteran’s death benefits you should have received after the death of your spouse.

Please view our case studies to see the kind of results you may realize in each of our practice areas.

For more information on how an experienced Florida attorney can help you with issues such as Florida Medicaid and veteran’s death benefits, please visits my Free Resources section.

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