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Florida Elder Law Services

Florida Elder Law encompasses many different areas. These areas include:

No matter what elder law services you need, our firm can help you formulate a solution and plan of action. To find out how, you can call today to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.

One very important area of Florida elder law is Medicaid planning. As baby boomers prepare for the last decades of their life, long-term care has become a hot topic. Many people are beginning to realize just how costly it can be. What they may not know, however, is that they may still qualify for Medicaid assistance, even if they earn too much income or have too many assets.

After helping thousands of senior Floridians with Florida elder law issues, Attorney John R. Frazier J.D., LL.M. realized just how in-demand this information is.

His book, Protecting Your Family’s Assets in Florida: How to Legally Use Medicaid to Pay for Nursing Home and Assisted Living Care, details the specifics of how someone who has too much income and too many assets may still qualify for Medicaid, to help with their long-term care expenses.

This book also gives you a wealth of information on the Florida Medicaid program and the Medicaid application process.

You can download this book for free, by going to our Free Resources section.

Veteran’s disability benefits are another very important area of Florida elder law. Today, many veterans are getting older and having trouble receiving the veteran’s disability benefits they need. These are veterans who were injured or aggravated an existing injury while in the military and who also served at least one day during a time of war.

Additionally, we can help veterans’ widows claim the death and replacement income benefits they need to reduce financial hardship. A Veterans Benefit called Aid & Attendance is especially important for qualified veterans or their widows, who reside in Assisted Living Facilities.

This is a non-service connected, special monthly pension available to qualified veterans or their widows. The monthly payment from the VA can be very helpful to the payment of the monthly room and board rate at the assisted living facility.

Among the most important documents you need will be a Durable Power of Attorney that is up to date.  You can learn more about this important document by getting our booklet that is a guide for you at no cost right now. 

To find out more about Florida elder law, visit our Free Article Index to download articles about the Florida Medicaid program, estate planning, probate law, asset protection, tax law, veteran’s benefits, and even business law.

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