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Florida Medicaid Eligibility

Florida Medicaid Eligibility for Clearwater and St. Petersburg Seniors: Who Meets the Requirements?

Florida Medicaid eligibility is determined primarily by the Department of Children and Families (DCF). There are several groups of people who may be eligible for the Florida Medicaid program. These groups include:

Florida Medicaid Eligibility for Seniors & Disabled

If you are 65 years or older, or are disabled, then you may be eligible for Medicaid in Florida.

Pinellas County seniors in need of Medicaid to help pay medical or nursing home expenses are invited to ask about our Florida Medicaid Planning service. We may be able to help you arrange your assets so that you financially qualify for this assistance.

Let Clearwater Medicaid attorney John Frazier help you meet the requirements for Florida Medicaid eligibility.

Children, Pregnant Women, & Families Who Are Eligible for TCA

Families with children who receive or are eligible to receive Temporary Cash Assistance will also meet the requirements for Florida Medicaid eligibility.

Children whose families do not qualify for the Florida Medicaid program, due to financial restrictions, may still be eligible for the KidCare program.

Pregnant women who need medical assistance may also receive benefits to cover the cost of getting prenatal care and delivering their baby.

Non-Citizen Residents Who Have a Medical Emergency

Although non-citizen residents do not meet the requirements for Medicaid in Florida, they may be able to receive financial assistance for emergency situations that are deemed an emergency by their care provider.

Medically Needy Individuals

These are people who do not meet the financial requirements to be eligible, but still need help with their medical expenses. Under this program, participants must incur a specific amount of medical bills each month, before assistance under the Florida Medicaid program kicks in.

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