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This page is for you, especially if you want to talk to Attorney Frazier at no cost.

We Are Open and Working Through This COVID-19 Crisis.  Additionally, we want you to know that no in-person office visits are necessary should you decide to work with us on Medicaid planning.

Free Telephone Consultation

I offer all first-time clients a free, no-obligation, telephone consultation to discuss your needs. When we do talk together I will listen very carefully to what you tell me and will answer your questions. Next, I will tell you if I think I can help you.

If I can help you then you can decide if you want to retain me. If I can’t help you I will give you other options that might be of help to you if there are other options. Call me now at 727-586-3306 extension 104 to set up a time for us to talk together.

After 5 PM and on weekends call me on my cell phone at 813-431-3193.

Prefer to email me? Just fill out the contact form by clicking here.

Are you concerned about the costs of hiring an attorney? Read more about my sliding scale fees that are the clearest, fairest you will likely find.

Ready to watch Attorney Frazier in a Zoom Video?  Good Information with Q&A. Just click on the video below:

Want to Listen to “Ask an Attorney” Radio Interviews (with transcripts) Covering Medicaid Planning Questions You May Be Having? Find the answers you need now.



Free eBooklet on The Importance of A Properly Drafted Durable Power of Attorney (DPOA)

Just click click here now and you will have your free eBooklet open in a new tab for you.

Why do you need this eBooklet? It is an essential guide for you to totally understand why the DPOA is the key to everything that helps to protects you, helps to ensure your wishes are followed and helps conserve your estate for your heirs.






Free eBook on Protecting Your Family’s Assets From The Unlicensed Practice of Law:

Just click on the image of the book below and you will have your eBook free right now:

Our book, PROTECTING NURSING HOMES AND THEIR RESIDENTS FROM THE UNLICENSED PRACTICE OF LAW,  will help you avoid some of the dangers in selecting a provider who helps you obtain Medicaid coverage for nursing home placement.

The paperback version of the book is available now via Amazon, Barnes & Noble as well as via our office.

Free eBook on Florida Elder Law, Medicaid Planning and Estate Planning:

Just click on the image of the book below and you will have your eBook free right now:

Too often, seniors and their families struggle with planning for elder care. Many are simply overwhelmed by the amount of information available, both online and in print. This book serves as a starting point to help you understand what is involved to legally protect assets, life savings, your spouse and your future as you age-and to pass your legacy on to your loved ones.

Our book, Florida Elder Law, Medicaid Planning and Estate Planning,  written by attorneys John Frazier and Joseph F. Pippen, Jr will help you deal with some of the legal issues common to senior citizens today.

Florida Medicaid Planning eBook for you now:

Just click on the image of the book below and you will have your eBook free right now:

My book, Protecting Your Family’s Assets in Florida: How to Legally Use Medicaid to Pay for Nursing Home and Assisted Living Care, will help you learn more about Medicaid’s long-term care benefits, the details of the application process, and the specifics of what you can do to qualify, even if you think you have too many assets or too much income.

If you want to purchase the book via or at other online booksellers and learn all about the Florida Medicaid Program – Click Here. The book is also available at your local Barnes & Noble bookstores as well as other fine book retailers.


A Book for Disabled or Elderly Veterans and Their Surviving Spouses

Are you wondering how an elder law attorney can help you? Has your estate planning become confusing? Do you qualify for veteran’s benefits?

Over 1.6 million U.S. veterans of all ages live in Florida.

As a veteran, or the surviving spouse of a veteran, you may be eligible for various lesser-known benefits and services.

Veterans Benefits for the Florida Resident explains VA and potentially applicable state benefits programs, who qualifies, how to get started and what to expect.
Get Your Free eBook of Veterans Benefits for the Florida Resident by clicking here now.


I have written articles on subjects in these and other practice areas. Article topics include:

Something new for you.  Listen to audio interviews (with transcripts) of Attorney Frazier being interviewed by Attorney Pippen on Medicaid Planning topics now. 

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