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Medicaid Planning (PA)

Clearwater, Florida Medicaid Planning for Seniors

Florida Medicaid planning is not just for those with limited income or assets. Fortunately, the U.S. Congress and Florida law enable middle-class and upper-middle-class families with substantial assets to qualify for benefits. Attorney Frazier has helped over 3,500 seniors obtain Medicaid coverage for skilled nursing facility care (also commonly called nursing home care) and preserve their family assets.

Clearwater Medicaid lawyer John Frazier understands that Florida’s senior population is living longer. This leads to a unique situation in which elders often outlive their ability to care for themselves.

We help seniors restructure their assets, so they may qualify for financial assistance under current Medicaid program requirements, in order to help them pay for costly Assisted Living or nursing home expenses.

In the Clearwater and St. Petersburg area, costs of long-term custodial care can exceed $89,000 per year. Even if you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in assets you could still qualify for Medicaid Benefits with the proper strategic restructuring of assets, known as Medicaid planning.

How Your Clearwater Medicaid Plan Helps Pay for Nursing Home Care

Eligibility for Medicaid can be strict,
as the income and asset restrictions are very low; however, Medicaid rules allow placement of some items in an exempt category and others in a non-exempt category when determining a person’s eligibility.

Only those assets in the non-exempt category will affect the person’s chances of being approved for Florida Medicaid.

This service also known as Medicaid asset protection – helps seniors or their children move assets, property, and income belonging to the individual who needs assisted living or nursing home care from the non-exempt category to the exempt category. In turn, these items no longer affect the person’s eligibility for Medicaid.

A structured approach to Florida Medicaid planning

During the Medicaid planning process, we first determine what assets already fall into the exempt category and which do not. We will then determine the value of the assets remaining in the non-exempt category, in order to determine which assets need to be moved into the exempt category.

Next, we determine where those assets can be moved to, in order to make them exempt under current Medicaid rules. All asset restructuring will be legal as enacted by the U.S. Congress and within the guidelines for Medicaid.

Since this is often the only option one has to receive nursing home or assisted living care assistance from the State, being approved for this program can be crucial for many people.

Medicaid planning can help those who are currently ineligible for Florida Medicaid meet the eligibility requirements for this important program. If you or a loved one needs help qualifying for Medicaid, please contact our office to discover how we can assist you.

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