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Florida Probate & Trust Law Services

Florida probate is where many estates end up; but, by utilizing Florida statutes, rules and laws on probate, you may be able to leave your family with more of your money and assets that you intended for them to have, instead of having it end up in the hands of creditors, the IRS, or others who try to make a claim against it.

These laws allow you to protect and shield your assets, so that you can leave more for your loved ones.

As a firm that is experienced with laws on probate in Florida, we may be able to help you reduce the chances that someone will be able to make a successful claim against your estate or even help keep your assets out of Florida probate court altogether.

We put Florida probate laws to work for you

Our goal is to help you set up your estate using Florida probate and trust laws, so that your loved ones get more of the money and assets that you leave for them. Our focus is to make it harder for those with a claim to get their hands on your money and assets.

Ideally, we will help you avoid probate completely. Of course, the smaller your estate is, the easier this will be. With our help, your family may be able to keep more of what you worked hard to accumulate.

First, we will schedule your free initial consultation. During this interview, we will discuss your plans for your estate, any factors that may become an obstacle to this plan (i.e. any unpaid creditors you may have,) and anything else that may stand in the way. From there, we will be able to explain your options and what you can do to protect your assets.

If you have a large estate that will be split amongst several heirs, then you may need to utilize a variety of solutions to protect your assets or avoid probate.

If you have a smaller estate that is being left to one child or shared among two children, then setting up a single living trust may be sufficient.

The more assets you have and the more obstacles that are presented, the more important it will be for you to have an experienced estate planning attorney to help guide you through this process.

Your first step to avoiding Florida probate is to give us a call, so that we can schedule your free initial consultation.

Are you struggling with probating a will in Florida? Largo probate attorney John Frazier offers complete probate legal services. You can trust your probate administration will be handled knowledgeably and with great care.

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