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Medicaid Asset Protection

Medicaid Asset Protection for St. Petersburg and Clearwater Seniors

(Even if you think you have too many assets)

Medicaid asset protection is a tool that protects not only the estate of the Medicaid applicant, but also the prosperity of the community spouse.

However, let’s say you are a senior living in St. Petersburg with appreciable assets. Due to medical reasons, it will soon be time to move into an assisted living facility or a nursing home. But because of your assets – your home, your car, your income or investments – you cannot possibly qualify for Medicaid. Right?

Wrong. Even if you have significant assets, you can qualify for Medicaid benefits to pay nursing home costs. In fact, your estate is even more reason to engage in Medicaid planning.

Struggling with long-term care expenses – while trying not to lose your life savings and investments – is the biggest challenge facing seniors and their families. When the time comes that you need assisted living or long-term care, it’s hard not to imagine your assets disappearing within months.

Even if you planned for your retirement, one catastrophic injury could wipe out your hard-earned life savings.

Medicaid Asset Protection Planning

To qualify for Medicaid, you must pass strict tests regarding your income and assets. There are legal ways to adjust your estate that will enable you to meet these conditions and qualify for Medicaid benefits.

This is the heart of Medicaid planning – employing legal, ethical strategies with your estate and not resorting to Medicaid spend-down.

This in turn significantly helps cover the staggering rates charged by nursing homes across all of Florida including the St. Petersburg and Clearwater areas.

Medicaid asset protection strategies include, for seniors who are both single and married:

In addition, married seniors can use a few additional estate planning opportunities to protect their wealth. This is because when a married person applies for Medicaid, the income test applies only to the spouse who is applying for Medicaid benefits. These strategies include:

Plan Ahead for Nursing Home Asset Protection in Pinellas County

Planning for Medicaid asset protection is no different than planning your estate to avoid estate taxes.

Residents in Clearwater and throughout Pinellas County who want information about nursing home asset protection have a valuable resource in St. Petersburg Medicaid attorney John R. Frazier.

Protect your assets from nursing home costs using legal strategies. We can help you reposition your assets to preserve your property and investments for future generations.

There is no hiding of assets or sleight of hand. We provide full disclosure of all transactions to the relevant Medicaid agencies.

Put a Medicaid asset protection plan in place for your loved one who needs assisted living or nursing home care.

Contact us anytime, day or night, or call our office at (727) 260-2581. We will set up a free, no-obligation consultation at your earliest convenience.

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