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Florida Attorneys Can Help with Medicaid Planning

Florida attorneys who practice elder law find paying for nursing home care in Florida can be overwhelming for a family that has not adequately planned for the expenses. Attorney Frazier is ready to see if he can help you.

If you do not want to be overwhelmed by the cost of nursing home care in Florida (the median cost in Florida is $113,820 a year), you should plan. Planning would help so that when the time comes, your elderly one could qualify for Medicaid’s Institutional Care Program.

To help you with your Medicaid planning, it would be advisable to seek out a Florida Medicaid Planning Attorney like John Frazier.

With careful Medicaid planning, you are highly likely to get the financial assistance you need, without losing your family assets. Attorney Frazier has successfully completed over 3,000 cases for people like you. He will not take your case unless he thinks he can get you the coverage you seek.

Florida Attorneys Know You Often Need An Elder Law Attorney

Eligibility for Florida Medicaid can be a very complicated process. The layperson might hardly know where to begin and can make serious mistakes trying to do it alone (or even when hiring a non-attorney Medicaid planner).

Florida attorneys can tell you the rules concerning the Florida Medicaid application do differ from state to state. So knowing the Medicaid application rules in another state will not necessarily be helpful in Florida, and can also lead to major mistakes.

To qualify for Medicaid ICP benefits or Medicaid Waiver in Florida, an applicant must meet the following standards:

What If your Florida Medicaid Application was Denied?

If you have applied for Medicaid in Florida and your application was denied, you don’t have to give up. Our office may be able to assist you.

Now is the best time to contact a qualified Florida Medicaid Planning Attorney if you tried on your own and failed. An experienced Florida Medicaid planning attorney can help you understand why the application was denied, and tell you what it will take to get the coverage if possible.

The Medicaid rules in Florida change from time to time. Nonetheless, Florida Medicaid attorneys like Attorney Frazier are aware of the current rules.

Attorney Frazier wants to preserve your family assets and be sure you do not go broke trying to pay for your care. You worked long and hard for your family’s assets.  It costs you nothing to have a telephone consult with Attorney Frazier so you have nothing to lose.

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