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No office visit needed to work on getting Medicaid coverage for nursing home care for someone with Attorney Frazier.  Attorney Frazier has obtained coverage for over 3,000 Medicaid cases for nursing home care with probably close to half of them never coming into the office since they lived out of the State of Florida.  Even if you live across the street from the office, you would not have to come in either.

How does that happen?  We typically work with the agent appointed under a durable power attorney (DPOA) for the Medicaid applicant, or with the spouse of the Medicaid applicant, if the Medicaid applicant is married.

Approximately 75% of our Medicaid applicants are unmarried, which means that we frequently work with the agent under the DPOA.  In most – but not all – of our Medicaid cases, the agent under a DPOA is one (or more) of the children of the Medicaid applicant. In up to 50% of our Medicaid cases, the child/agent under the DPOA does not live in Florida. No office visit needed by anyone required.

Another reason why we can process Medicaid cases remotely is that the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) also processes all of their nursing home Medicaid cases remotely.  As of many years ago, DCF no longer has face-to-face interviews with the representative of a nursing home Medicaid applicant.  Additionally, all nursing home Medicaid applications are now filed electronically, and all paperwork submitted to DCF is sent into DCF by uploading the documents onto the DCF website portal, or by faxing the required paperwork to DCF.

In light of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have an increased number of clients who might prefer to work remotely with our office, rather than having office appointments.  We want to assure you that we have years of extensive, successful experience working remotely with Medicaid clients, who live in and out of state.  We first thoroughly evaluate each case before we agree to accept a case, and if we accept your Medicaid case, we have determined – before we agree to accept your case that we can successfully complete the case resulting in Medicaid coverage – whether or not you choose to work remotely with us or whether you prefer to have in-office appointments.

If you have any additional questions about working remotely with no office visit needed, please let John Frazier know what your questions are so he can address them for you by calling today for your free consultation.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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