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Veteran’s Death Benefits

Veteran’s Death Benefits – Burial & Other Financial Help from the VA

Veteran’s death benefits are just one of the benefits that a veteran will receive for his or her service to this country. During this difficult grieving period, one can take some comfort in the fact that the deceased may have many benefits that will help to protect and provide for his or her family.

Most people are aware of this highly publicized veteran’s benefit, but, with enough research, one can find other benefits available to veterans, which are not as well known. For qualified veterans, coverage for assisted living or nursing home care for both the veteran and the spouse of the veteran may be available.

By visiting the Department of Veterans Administration website, one is able to discover the variety of benefits that are available to veterans. Some of these benefits include:

During this stressful time and grieving period, the last thing
a family should have to deal with is a financial crisis, yet that is the reality that many people will have to face. But, redeeming these veteran’s death benefits sooner, rather than later, will help prevent any potential financial issues before they begin.

Death itself is a burden financially. Therefore, veteran’s funeral benefits are provided as part of an overall veteran’s death benefits package. For those who pass away, this Veteran’s aid will pay $300 for funeral expenses, plus an additional $300 for plot internment. Burial flags and a burial stone are also provided.

Among the veteran’s death benefits there is a death gratuity payment of $100,000 to the veteran’s survivor if certain conditions are met. Normally, the payment of the death gratuity is paid to the spouse of the veteran or, if there is no spouse, to the children. If there are no children, then the payment will go to the parents or siblings of the victim. However, there are certain requirements to receiving death gratuity, so it is advisable to make sure that you qualify for veteran’s benefits.

The Veteran’s Aid Pension may also be available to the spouse and children of the deceased veteran, if they meet certain qualifications for this veteran’s death benefit. Normally, this amount will be the difference between the beneficiary’s countable income and the income limit set by the VA, which is then paid out each month.

There are a variety of Veteran’s death benefits that are available to the surviving spouses and children. Attorney John R. Frazier is experienced in seeking benefits for veterans or their spouses who need funding for assisted living or nursing home care.

If you think that you might qualify for veteran’s benefits, but need help receiving them, or you are a veteran who wants to make sure you have these benefits set up for your spouse, please see our Veteran’s Benefit Law Practice Area to find out how we can help you.

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