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Nursing Home Planning With
Florida Elder Law Attorney John R. Frazier

Many seniors have never met with an attorney. They do not know where to seek answers to very basic legal questions. Without exception, the biggest area of concern to the many aging individuals we assist is their fear of losing most, if not all, of their wealth and possessions in the event they enter a nursing home.

As a Florida Elder Law attorney, I assist seniors and their families throughout Largo and Pinellas County with planning for incapacity and long-term care.

Medicaid may be your only option for elder nursing home planning

With the cost of nursing home care in the Largo area reaching over $70,000/year, only the wealthy can pay privately for nursing home stays without impoverishment.

Without sufficient funds to pay privately, and without private long term care insurance, seniors and their families must look to the Medicaid program to pay for the costs of long-term nursing home care.

Medicaid Planning and asset protection are terms you commonly hear within the Elder Law practice. These terms encompass several issues regarding elder nursing home planning. Mainly, they signify that we can legally shelter most of your assets to enable you to qualify for Medicaid even if the patient has already entered a nursing home.

Customized Medicaid Plans from Florida Elder Law Attorney Frazier

Every person has his or her own special circumstances. Our Medicaid Planning involves the following actions, which are tailored to fit your exact situation:

  • Review of your income and assets. We will establish your countable assets and your monthly income, and figure out where you stand regarding Medicaid’s asset and income limits.
  • Transfer of assets: Medicaid planning for nursing home care often entails the restructuring of your assets, depending on the amount of assets you have and the state of your health.
  • Preparation of Advance Directives: We will legally establish your wishes in the form of living wills, durable power-of-attorney, and healthcare agent designations.
  • Numerous Medicaid planning tools. We will recommend and set up various legal applications that will enable you to preserve your assets for yourself and your loved ones
  • Continuing communication. We safeguard your plan as your family situation changes and as Medicaid laws evolve.

As a Florida Elder Law attorney, I am not in the practice of assisting with general Medicaid applications. Our Medicaid Planning practice is specifically focused on nursing home and assisted living coverage. Our goal is to legally and ethically preserve your assets, satisfy the Medicaid eligibility threshold, and thereby enable you to use the Florida Medicaid system to legally pay for nursing home and assisted living expenses.

We are very concerned with helping people through their lives as they become older and require more care.

For personal Medicaid planning and comprehensive counsel in Elder Law, Contact Florida Elder Law Attorney John Frazier anytime, day or night, or call our office at (727) 260-2581. We will set up a free, no-obligation consultation at your earliest convenience.

Our law office is located in Largo, Florida. Elder Law Attorney Frazier serves families and individuals throughout Pinellas County, including Palm Harbor, Clearwater, Indian Rocks Beach, Pinellas Park and St. Petersburg.

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